Monday, December 14, 2015

Happy Holidays from OEI

       OcalaHorseSales exceeded 5,000 members the first week of December and is still growing at an accelerated rate. Many of you may have noticed I am not pasting my offer to be listed at OEI as frequently. I will still be commenting "Just like my post to be added" on horse for sale posts every few days. If I miss you and you wish to be added, just place my name; ATTN Brad Mentzer in your post. If you are campaigning a horse that was listed more than a month ago, bring it to my attention and I will list you again. I am still pinning posts to the top of the newsfeed for a day in the order they are received. Let me know if you want your farm or business listed next to your ad. I will also add your horse related products/services to our WebIndex.

Please have a wonderful holiday!

Brad Mentzer

Friday, October 9, 2015

Our New Responsive Look

See Your Posts Here!

Hello OcalaHorseSales Members

     I just wanted to let you all know that 4,300 will have joined our Facebook Group by this weekend. We have been growing at a rate of 100 new members per week for the last month. Our partnered website, Ocala Equine Industries, has changed the sales list to work better on Smartphones and Tablets. The new WebIndex, which is a list of local products and services providers is in progress and will be published soon.

     If you wish to have your horse sales posts added to our WebList on the Internet just like my post on your post. Each listing will be pinned at the top of the Group News Feed for 24 hours in the order they are listed.

     As always I am open to your suggestions and am willing to make changes to your ads.
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PM or email me at

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Latest Additions to the WebIndex

Coming Soon!

Flying W Horses - Services/Facilities/Training

Professional Horseshoeing by Roy Slick Concidine - Services/Healthcare/Farriers

Flynn's Equine Sport Massage & Saddle Fit, LLC - Services/Healthcare/Therapists

Double T Performance Horses and Services - Services/Facilities/Training

Broken Branch Paints and Quarter Horses - Services/Facilities/Boarding

Scattered Acres Equestrians - Services/Programs/Lessons

Joe Ludford Farrier Services - Services/Healthcare/Farriers

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

What's New at OEI-OcalaHorseSales

Our New Menu

In order to improve our Horse for Sale list, we are creating a new responsive look for those using smaller devices. Please try it on your smartphone or tablet and tell us what you think. The new format will not replace the current webpage until it meets your satisfaction so please drop me a line with any suggestions you might have.

Brad Mentzer, OcalaHorseSales Admin.

Friday, September 4, 2015

New Additions to the WebIndex at OEI

Welcome to our Network!

Tack and Apparel
Good Apple Equine Consignment Warehouse

Sundry Equine Farm

Oakton Farm

Equine Dentistry by Sara

Lindsay Helms Photography

Southern Influence Horse Training And Performance

Cara Blanchard Training

Always A Breeze Horse Boarding Stable

Lazy L Livestock Transport

Fine Art
War Pony Art

Sunday, July 12, 2015

OEI adds a unique reference code to your ad

Ocala Equine Industries is adding a reference code to each OcalaHorseSales ad. A direct link to your ad can now be created using citebite. A new "Horses for Sale" page is created each month and the previous month is archived. Your archived ads will be more accessible for reposting at any site you choose. OEI will retain your for sale ad until you let us know your horse has been sold or leased.

Thank You for your participation,

Brad Mentzer

ps: If you are a Marion County Florida resident, please sign Linda Little Wolf's petition and if you are against the slaughter of horses for export, contact your congressman and local represenatives here.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Do not post an OcalaEquineIndustries invitation on my post

           Hello all members of OcalaHorseSales. I have worked hard to find the simplest way to offer a free listing at our partnered site Nothing can be easier than just clicking the like button on my comment.
           Although many of you are happy to be listed and pinned, a few are just not interested. This is ok with me, since I only have so much time to add items to the list. If you are not interested and do not want my "just LIKE to be added" comment on your post please let me know. I have made a "do not bother list" of members who have said "no thanks",  messaged me asking "please delete your offer on my post" and even have blocked me so I can't comment. Any of these methods will work if you do not want my offer on your post. If you change your mind, just let me know and I will be happy to add your post(s) to our website.

Brad Mentzer

Monday, June 22, 2015

OcalaHorseSales Welcomes Linda S. Ungerland to Group

          Most of us are very concerned when releasing our animals to new owners. Many have expressed the need for a list of unsuitable buyers and adoptors. Linda is working with local government to revive the Animal Abuse Registry. She has joined our facebook group OcalaHorseSales and will be posting updates on her progress. Please take a moment to join her page Linda Little Wolf - Animal Abuse Registry.

Brad Mentzer

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Introducing MB Equine Tack Online Consignment

       Makena has joined Ocala Equine Industries Entrepreneurs Forum and is offering her services to our group and beyond. She has created an English Saddles and Tack store on the web where you can sell or purchase a growing number of quality items. Makena charges a very reasonable 10% consignment fee to sellers when their item(s) are purchased. The OEI WebIndex has replaced the saddles and tack list with a direct link to her fabulous storefront. If there are any other members out there wishing to take on the Western side of saddles and tack, please step forward and show us your web store. is a free site, dedicated to support the Greater Ocala Equine Community.

Brad Mentzer

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

New additions to the WebIndex

This week the following equine related businesses were added to the index of products and services:

Services/Facilities/Boarding/Angel Crossing Farm

Services/Healthcare/Dentistry/Accel Equine Dental

Services/Programs/Rescues/All the Pretty Ponies

Services/Healthcare/Clipping/Lizzzy the Clipper Girl

If you have an equine business you want added or wish to recommend one, please let me know.

Brad Mentzer

Monday, May 25, 2015

Know where your sales horses are going.......

             It seemed like such a good idea in the beginning, compile a list of "Kill Buyers" and make it available to concerned sellers. I found numerous lists all over the internet on facebook, blogs and rescue sites. I began entering the raw data into a searchable table in hopes that it would benefit our community. Many of the lists were in image files that I had to convert to text using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in order to capture the data. Most of the people listed were from other states and predominantly from the midwest to southwest, even Canada and Mexico. I only saw one who operates out of Florida. Then I began receiving suggestions from many of the group members whom I informed I would need to make sure anyone I added to the list was confirmed. When I ran into a friends name who runs a legitimate rescue I began to have second thoughts. Others posted that it would not be fair to label anyone a Kill Buyer without absolute proof. Well I had to agree, obviously there is some back biting and finger pointing going on out there. So I want to tell you this, if you are concerned about where your animals are going, check things out carefully. Ask for references, visit the site, write an agreement and google the purchasers/adoptors. Use the group as a resource to vet your buyers. One way to avoid sending horses to slaughter is to place a price greater than the value per pound. Enough said, however, I want you to know that the intention of this site is to prevent horses and ponies from ending up in bad circumstances. This I will continue to do.

Brad Mentzer

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Just "Like" my comment

I really don't have time to add every single post from Ocalahorsesales to  so I was hesitant to make it too easy to get on the website. You know I do this for free as a service to our equine community. However, it has been working very well as some members are just not interested. I keep a list of those who say "No Thanks" in an effort to avoid posting my offer to them in the future. Thank you to those who do "Like" my post because I really enjoy doing this. I hope to improve the OEI site as time goes on and appreciate all your comments and suggestions.


Monday, May 4, 2015

NEW "Just Like" to be added

        Now you can just click "like" on my comment to be added to the sales WebLists or WebIndex of preffered products and services providers. Please check out the new mobile friendly format at 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

What's New at OEI


         I am currently testing some new software that makes our drop down menu more manageable and scalable. I will be rebuilding the WebIndex in alphabetical order.  You can go here for a preview of the menu.

        Please help me with your suggestions.

        Brad Mentzer, Admin/Webmaster

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Our purpose is to provide a free resource.

     Ocalahorsesales (Facebook Group) and (OEI WebIndex) are partnered to help area horse owners and horse related businesses (big and small). Ocalahorsesales members are welcome to post horses for sale or lease, products, services and events on the news feed. Ocala Equine Industries assists in extending exposure to a broader audience. Both are a free resource to the area equine community. As a member of Ocalahorsesales, you have the option of placing your post on OEI but you must either comment "ADME" on your post or fill out a simple Google Docs form.

Brad Mentzer
Admin at Ocalahorsesales and Webmaster at OEI

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Our 1st Anniversary at OEI and Ocalahorsesales

         Our partnership with Ocalahorsesales Facebook Group began one year ago on March 6th, 2014. Together we will exceed 2,500 members by the end of this month. Our aim is to continue promoting a platform for free advertising to all North Florida participants, providing a resource to all equine enthusiasts in and around the "Horse Capital of the World". Thanks for all your submissions and recommendations as we progress into the next year.

Brad Mentzer

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Optimizing for Smartphones

      Recently I have been reformatting the WebIndex to be more user friendly on smartphones. Most of us rely on our phones for information when we are on the go. The WebIndex at is a scalable directory of horse related products and services around the Ocala area. I use it to find locations and numbers without having to "fat finger" a search request. If you don't see your favorite merchant(s) listed let me know. I am always open to suggestions and can be reached at

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Find it on the WebIndex

     Have you ever tried to find a post you remembered seeing on Facebook with no luck. OEI lists Products and Services posted on Ocalahorsesales for your convenience. I keep this information available for the area horse community and those visiting Ocala. If you need to find a feed store or the closest place to get your trailer repaired you will find it on Also, all horse listings are maintained for the last year just in case you were wondering if that horse you liked ever sold. Please help by recommending a local equine related business you are pleased with and feel free to join and post your horse related products/services at Ocala Equine Industries, Entrepreneurs Forum Facebook Group.

Brad Mentzer

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Just Say ADME


     I am always trying to make it easier for members to place their Facebook posts on the WebList. I have narrowed the form down to 2 entries with an optional 3rd. I still need to ensure you are a member of Ocalahorsesales before I will list your sales post. With your first name and item description I usually can find your post with no problems. I do not want to list anyone who does not want to be out there on the internet so if you are interested you need to let me know.  If you don't want to fill in the Google Documents Form you now can just post "ADME" in your post or in a comment on your post.
     Many members are posting their horse products and services on Ocalahorsesales (FB group) and are welcome to do so. I have created another group; Ocala Equine Industries Entrepreneurs Forum for equine products or services and will be adding many of these to the WebIndex at OEI dot com. If you want to take advantage of FREE ADVERTISING please join the group.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Kerr Equine Experience

   Yesterday we had the pleasure of meeting Waylon Kerr, Equine Dentist, who came to float all our horses teeth. Waylon is a third generation tooth farrier who does everything by hand (although he has a dremel on hand if necessary). His bedside manner was incredible and we were amazed at how he gained the trust of our horses. He maintained his composure through 5 hours and 6 horses, some more difficult than others. I highly recommend Kerr Equine to any horse owner who appreciates excellence. He can be reached for appointment at (727) 856-3983.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

How to get your post pinned at Ocalahorsesales

Recently I began pinning selected Ocalahorsesales Facebook Group "Horse for Sale" posts. In order to have your post pinned, you must fill out the form and have it added to the Horse Sales Listing on Your photo(s) must be of reasonable quality to post and I favor those who add their favorite equine business serving the greater Ocala Area with their submission. If you have a working horse farm, I am happy to place a WebLink/Logo next to your listing.  Just today our Facebook Group (Ocalahorsesales) exceeded 2,000 members. Many have found and joined our group by searching the web for horse related information and clicked on OEI Ocala Equine Industries.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Why I ask for your Facebook Name

Some of you may wonder why our request form asks for your Facebook name. Only valid Ocalahorsesales members are permitted to submit for the sales lists at  I use your name to search for your post then check to make sure I have the right description. This is the minimum information required to ensure accuracy. The form resides on google drive and is a secure connection. The front page at OEI is a WebIndex of recommended horse related businesses of North Florida. The index improves traffic to the site increasing your chances of finding a buyer. If you only post your ad on the group, only the group will see it. By adding your post to the WebList, you are advertising to a greater audience which increases your chances of finding a buyer. Your posts on the group fall to the bottom with every new or updated post requiring you to repost on a regular basis. Our partnered Web site is provided as a free service to the greater Ocala Equine Community. You can return the favor by suggesting horse related businesses you are happy doing business with.

Brad Mentzer,

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

See our Ad on Facebook

I placed an ad with Facebook for Ocalahorsesales and Ocala Equine Industries to improve traffic to the sites and help increase membership. Some of you may be seeing it on the right side of the newsfeed. OEI entries have gone down since I stopped inviting members individually to register their posts for the WebList. All these efforts are for you, the members, to increase your chances of finding the right home for your horses and ponies. You can help me by recommending horse related businesses you use in the greater Ocala area. I appreciate it each time a member takes a moment to ad their post to the WebList.  Admin

Saturday, January 10, 2015

No Website or Facebook Page? NO PROBLEM!

Many of the merchants listed on OEI do not have a business page to link to. If I can't find a web presence for a small equine entrepreneur, I create a WebCard for them. I have plenty of file storage at and am happy to accomodate. I will send you the link to your WebCard as soon as it is up and you are welcome to request any reasonable changes. I do this for free for all entrepreneurs large and small serving the greater Ocala area with products or services related to the Equine Industry.  Brad Mentzer