Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ocala Equine Industries is a FREE Service for the Equine Community

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     OEI was created to support members in their efforts to find forever homes for horses and ponies. It also publishes a list of local entrepreneurs and cottage industries serving the Greater Ocala Area. Our OcalaHorseSales Membership has exceeded 6,000 and is growing exponentially. All members are welcome to have their horse sales posts reposted on the OEI WebList. If you make or supplement your income with a product or service revolving around the Equine Industry, join Ocala Equine Industries Entrepreneurs. A Logo/Link of your enterprise will be placed on the WebIndex roster of approved providers.

     Ocala Equine Industries (OEI), a growing index of horse related businesses, is partnered with OcalaHorseSales Facebook Group to provide a free platform for advertising to the Equine Community. OEI will maintain a list of horses for sale in the Ocala Area for members of OcalaHorseSales. Ocala Equine Industries will list any recommendation but will never post negative comments about any equine related business. We may however, remove these from the list if there are consistent complaints.

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