Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Please Join Our New Group - Ocala Equestrian Activities

Ocala Equestrian Activities
This Group lists all horse related upcoming Shows, Events and Activities in the Greater Ocala Area. 
Please feel free to ad your equine activity

Friday, June 22, 2018

A Message to OcalaHorseSales Members

Ocala Equine Industries

Hey Guys, Please don't delete your sales posts, edit them as SOLD. If your posts are disappearing you need to read #OcalaHorseSalesRules. Remember we keep a list of Featured Florida Horses for our FL members. You will always be able to find your post on our website if you "liked" my offer. This is the way I get your permission to campaign your sales. I always place an image/link to a Florida Equine Products or Services Entrepreneur next to your post. I will place your Enterprise next to your post when applicable. I have a farm to manage so please be patient. You can always message or email me if you need help. Facebook continues to make changes that keep me very busy finding new ways to assist our community. I promise to keep doing my best to help Horses and Ponies find good forever homes. We will always be free, but if you wish to donate a dollar or two, you can do it here. If you want to be on our banner go here (FREE TO NONPROFIT EVENTS). Please stay cool and enjoy your summer.

Brad Mentzer