Thursday, January 29, 2015

How to get your post pinned at Ocalahorsesales

Recently I began pinning selected Ocalahorsesales Facebook Group "Horse for Sale" posts. In order to have your post pinned, you must fill out the form and have it added to the Horse Sales Listing on Your photo(s) must be of reasonable quality to post and I favor those who add their favorite equine business serving the greater Ocala Area with their submission. If you have a working horse farm, I am happy to place a WebLink/Logo next to your listing.  Just today our Facebook Group (Ocalahorsesales) exceeded 2,000 members. Many have found and joined our group by searching the web for horse related information and clicked on OEI Ocala Equine Industries.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Why I ask for your Facebook Name

Some of you may wonder why our request form asks for your Facebook name. Only valid Ocalahorsesales members are permitted to submit for the sales lists at  I use your name to search for your post then check to make sure I have the right description. This is the minimum information required to ensure accuracy. The form resides on google drive and is a secure connection. The front page at OEI is a WebIndex of recommended horse related businesses of North Florida. The index improves traffic to the site increasing your chances of finding a buyer. If you only post your ad on the group, only the group will see it. By adding your post to the WebList, you are advertising to a greater audience which increases your chances of finding a buyer. Your posts on the group fall to the bottom with every new or updated post requiring you to repost on a regular basis. Our partnered Web site is provided as a free service to the greater Ocala Equine Community. You can return the favor by suggesting horse related businesses you are happy doing business with.

Brad Mentzer,

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

See our Ad on Facebook

I placed an ad with Facebook for Ocalahorsesales and Ocala Equine Industries to improve traffic to the sites and help increase membership. Some of you may be seeing it on the right side of the newsfeed. OEI entries have gone down since I stopped inviting members individually to register their posts for the WebList. All these efforts are for you, the members, to increase your chances of finding the right home for your horses and ponies. You can help me by recommending horse related businesses you use in the greater Ocala area. I appreciate it each time a member takes a moment to ad their post to the WebList.  Admin

Saturday, January 10, 2015

No Website or Facebook Page? NO PROBLEM!

Many of the merchants listed on OEI do not have a business page to link to. If I can't find a web presence for a small equine entrepreneur, I create a WebCard for them. I have plenty of file storage at and am happy to accomodate. I will send you the link to your WebCard as soon as it is up and you are welcome to request any reasonable changes. I do this for free for all entrepreneurs large and small serving the greater Ocala area with products or services related to the Equine Industry.  Brad Mentzer