Saturday, September 26, 2020

Back by Popular Demand


     Since Facebook removed OcalaHorseSales, I have been busy creating a new site called I created it to go along with OcalaHorseShow Facebook group. I acquired a secure domain and built a new web page which is limited to 11 spots for Florida member horses. I will be offering spots to members who include these requirements: 

Age:, Height:, Breed:, Gender:, Location:, Description:


      Several members have contacted me about horses they sold years ago that were still on the old site. I will only keep entries on the new list until sold. Florida members can keep their spot if they request it for a new horse. Otherwise, it will made available for another member. All entries at myOcalaHorseShow will be campaigned and featured on the group newsfeed. is a FREE Service
to Florida Members of
OcalaHorseShow Facebook Group
and is sponsored by

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Horses Available at

      No one is adding to the website, so I went back and built a new slideshow of older posts with active links at our Facebook Group OcalaHorseShow. If your horse has sold, please edit your shared post to say SspaceOspaceLspaceD. You can see if you made the cut at 

     I don't make any money doing this, no one ever donates but that's OK. I do it to help members find good forever homes for their horses. It is my hobby and helps keep my mind active in between taking care of all our pets at WelBreds Farm and Stables.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

About the New Secure Website

     I wanted to buy but it was taken by someone in Wilmington, OH. It wasn't being used so I made them an offer with no response. Wilmington is where the original WEC is located. I finally decided to buy because it was available. Hopefully more members will use the new form to list their horses for sale, it was a considerable investment. The new software works well on smartphones and makes my work so much easier. I am adding OEI ENTREPRENEURS in the tab next to the horse sales list and will soon have a form to list your equine enterprise. I plan to keep everything FREE to Florida members and I enjoy managing the sites. I would truly appreciate members letting me know how the new form works for them. We are approaching two thousand members which is a far cry from the 25k members in the original OcalaHorseSales Group. Please feel free to post your comments and recommendations. Brad Mentzer, Admin

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