Wednesday, October 2, 2019


           OcalaHorseSales continues to survive despite constant changes at Facebook. At one point I thought we were going to be taken down for violations. After carefully reviewing FB Community Standards, we discovered a way to comply with the rules. Since we started approving only shared posts, violations have nearly disappeared.

        Florida members who are having trouble sharing to the group are welcome to use our ImageAds. I created this form at to stay ahead of FB changes. An ImageAd is basically a meme with text and photo all in an image. I pin and feature these entries in an effort to support our local community. If you are a Florida member you can add your sales post here:

       I finally found time to update the ENTREPRENEURS Group list on the website. If you provide a product or service to our equine community please consider joining. When you post there, it is in line to be next to a featured sales post.

 Ocala Equine Industries ENTREPRENEURS
As always, we are open to suggestions. Just tag me or send me a text: Brad Mentzer,  OcalaHorseSales Admin.