Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A New Years Message

I have decided to stop inviting members individually to register for the WebList. I will however maintain a pinned post inviting all Ocalahorsesales members to re-post their ads to the website. Those who see the added value of posting to a broader audience will take advantage of this service. Please remember that non-members who find OEI when searching for horse related items must join Facebook to view additional photos.  This is a free service provided to all Ocalahorsesales Facebook Members.  Brad Mentzer

Saturday, December 20, 2014

  At we provide a WebList for Ocalahorsesales Facebook Group members who do not have time to "bump" their posts to the top on a daily basis. Have you ever tried to search for an older post on Facebook with no success? Members who register at "Add My Post" will always be able to find their post and so will those interested. We maintain an archive of listings for those who wonder if that horse is still available. Finding a good forever home for your horse may take a while during these economic times. 
     We recommend you take advantage of any opportunity available to advertise your horse. We are just one of many free sites but we are completely and absolutely FREE!

Brad Mentzer

Friday, December 19, 2014

The Internet is a minefield of scams and rackets, that is why we keep our website free of pop up ads and never collect cookies. Ocala Equine Industries is a roster of preferred merchants who remain in good standing in our community. We welcome small time entrepreneurs serving our area with any product or service beneficial to horse owners and enthusiasts. The larger businesses advertised on our page have all given thumbs up in writing and permit us to point to facebook pages or websites. Our WebList for Ocalahorsesales advertises to a broader audience but uses the security umbrella of facebook to protect its members. Visitors to OEI may peruse our list of posts on the Internet but must join facebook to communicate with sellers unless those sellers wish to include their email/phone number. We have collaborated with Ocalahorsesales from the very beginning and will continue to provide this service to our community.
I have been wondering how I can improve the Ocalahorsesales list for members and I really would appreciate your suggestions. Would it help if I eliminated the form? Would members prefer I separate English and Western? I really am trying to help members find good homes for their horses and ponies. Brad Mentzer
Since moving to the Ocala area in 2005 and building our farm, I've had the pleasure of dealing with many businesses serving the equine community. I decided to create an index of products and services I am pleased with to share with local and visiting horse people. I would like to rely on others in our area to share their resources as well. In addition, I wanted to provide a free website for non business horse persons trying to sell or re-home horses and ponies. Facebook is an excellent way to get the word out to members but a website serves a broader audience. The horses for sale list also includes links to horse businesses in or serving the greater Ocala area. These links serve a mutual purpose for the website by helping to increase traffic and for the businesses by providing free advertising. The website will remain in simple HTML with no pop up ads or flashing busyness. No cookies are placed on visitors devices and no personal information is requested or maintained by Ocala Equine Industries. Presently I am paying for all costs associated with the website but hope at some point some of the businesses will offer to pay for advertising. These past few years have been hard on the equine industry and many horse persons have had to scale back to survive. I want to provide this service to save horses and ponies from bad circumstances and to help them find good forever homes.
Brad Mentzer